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A.B.S./Associated Bookkeeping Services wants to provide its clients with complete, accurate, timely, and reliable financial records, build trusted relationships and act with complete fiduciary duties.

They have been working as full charge recordkeepers since 1987.

Their success has been achieved by serving clients who need accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales tax reconciliation and reporting, bank reconciliation, and general ledger through to a financial statement.

They have worked with companies, serving virtually every segment of the economy.

Their clients concentration is with owners of closely-held companies who require a personal working relationship with their professional financial record

Their financial recordkeeping expertise will help you and your accountant
achieve a seamless financial statement and tax return in a complete, timely, and accurate manner.

They are proficient in multiple bookkeeping software, i.e. QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Online, plus Peachtree.

Feel free to ask A.B.S. about their proficiency in other software.

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A▪️B▪️S▪️ helps your company achieve the freedom to grow and run your business profitably.

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