A▪️B▪️S▪️ / Associated Bookkeeping Services is here to help companies to grow and run profitably.

Do you take time away from your business to collect or pay bills, or balance your checkbook?
A▪️B▪️S▪️ / Associated Bookkeeping Services can do it all for you!

A▪️B▪️S▪️ is a full charge bookkeeping service with over 35 years of experience working with over 30 different industries. They work closely with sole proprietors to medium size companies with up to 40 employees. Their success is achieved by working with clients who need Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Collections, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements, Sales Tax Reconciliation and Reporting, Bank Reconciliation, and a General Ledger through to a Financial Statement. They have served virtually every segment of the economy.

A▪️B▪️S▪️ / Associated Bookkeeping Services’ expertise works with you and your accountant to achieve timely, complete, accurate, and reliable financial records.

Their client concentration is owners of closely-held companies who require a close personal working relationship with their professional financial recordkeepers.

Today’s business owners may be doing sales, receiving, shipping, financial recordkeeping, and many other crossover disciplines. As businesses grow, so do their problems. Setting priorities become crucial.
One important area usually delegated to someone else is the collection of accounts receivable. That person is not provided any guidelines or instructions on how to convince customers to pay invoices timely. A▪️B▪️S▪️ / Associated Bookkeeping Services can help improve the efficiency of an accounts receivable department.

Business needs

It is most important that businesses know exactly how they are doing:

Does your business make a profit?
Do you have a cash flow problem?
Is it taking too long to collect what is owed to you?
Are available discounts on purchases taken?

A▪️B▪️S▪️ can help with the solutions to the above questions.

Other questions, depending on the type of your business, can be discussed.

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