The year was 2004.  Lynne Kraft, who started bookkeeping  in 1987, saw the need by small and medium sized businesses as well as sole proprietorship’s to have their records completely, accurately, reliably and timely kept, so they can do what they do best, i.e. run their business. This is essential in today’s business climate.

It is most important that these businesses know exactly how they are doing. Questions such as:

    • Does your business make a profit?
    • Do you have a cash flow problem?
    • Is it taking too long to collect what is owed to you?
    • Are proper inventory controls in place?
    • Are available discounts on purchases taken?
    • Other questions depending on the type of business can be discussed

 A  ▪  B   ▪  S    /ASSOCIATED BOOKKEEPING SERVICES  was established to help these businesses.  By outsourcing their financial record keeping to an established service, these businesses will know their records will be COMPLETE, ACCURATE, RELIABLE AND TIMELY.